human behind

xess+baba is a family business. «The humans behind xess+baba are mothers, fathers, mothers in law, fathers in law, daughters, sons as well as partners and friends. Without them, we wouldn't be able to run this business» - Tina Grässli


The people behind xess+baba are just as unique as the garment itself. For this reason, fair working conditions are guaranteed in the workplaces of our suppliers and manufacturers. First there are basic conditions, which of course must be met. For us, it is important that employees work in a safe and health-friendly environment, which is ensured in the three work places of our main suppliers. In addition, in those production facilities a fair wage is guaranteed for all employers. Furthermore, also a pleasant working atmosphere is necessary in order to achieve the highest quality. This enables employees to express their views openly in case of disagreement. Not only for ethical reasons but also in terms of employee performance is the a crucial factor.


The production facilities are regularly visited by xess+baba and they are in a close contact. That’s how the company guarantees the compliance of fair working conditions.